Our Proposal

In compliance with RFP Requirements, LA SkyRail Express will only share information released by Metro. 

In accordance with the Public Records Act release of our redacted proposal by Metro, we encourage those interested to review our proposal to learn more about our team, the technology, connectivity to UCLA, and acceleration to LAX.

Volume 1 – Administrative Submittal: https://records.metro.net/documents/6532034/download

Volume 2 – Technical Submittal: https://records.metro.net/documents/6532036/download

Volume 2 Technical Submittal Drawings and Rendering Package: https://records.metro.net/documents/6532035/download

Volume 3 – Financial Proposal: https://records.metro.net/documents/6532037/download

Volume 4 Price Proposal: https://records.metro.net/documents/6532038/download

Volume 5 – DEOD Forms: https://records.metro.net/documents/6532039/download

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