UCLA Connectivity

In compliance with RFP Requirements, LA SkyRail Express will only share information released by Metro. 

In accordance with the Public Records Act release of our redacted proposal by Metro, we include public information below on connectivity to UCLA.

LA SkyRail Express’ Baseline Proposal is fully compliant with all requirements stated within the RFP. Recognizing the importance of connectivity to UCLA in addition to the base RFP requirements, LASRE discussed several alternative ways to serve UCLA in our proposal to Metro. 

The primary alternative, which is UCLA’s Preferred option, was developed through an 18-month series of planning and design workshops that our key team members conducted in partnership with UCLA senior staff. Through that process, we developed and evaluated multiple alignment and technology alternatives jointly with the UCLA team As a result of that process, UCLA identified their preferred alternative, which LASRE then committed to include in its proposal. UCLA already operates BYD-supplied battery-electric buses. 

Complementing either the Baseline or Alternative Proposal, the UCLA Preferred Tunnel Option requires a much shorter, shallower, lower-cost, and faster-to-construct tunnel option to directly serve UCLA with an underground station immediately in front of the Luskin Center. 

On a related matter, the Team also worked collaboratively with senior officials from the Getty Center, and through this process we jointly developed a design concept for a SkyRail station that will directly serve the Getty Center – a solution that simply cannot be achieved with a heavy rail tunnel under the Santa Monica Mountains. 

Even with the additional capital cost of the UCLA-preferred alternative, should Metro adopt it, the LASRE proposal clearly shows the project fitting within Metro’s Measure M budget. 

That cost estimate was based upon three years of detailed engineering analysis and actual costs of similar projects built elsewhere in the world, adjusted for the costs of labor and materials in Southern California, designed to meet or exceed all applicable seismic design criteria. 

UCLA Lot 36 Station Illustrative
UCLA Lot 36, Station Rendering
UCLA Luskin Station, Below Grade

Per the Public Records Act disclosure, LASRE had included in its proposal the following letters from UCLA and the Getty:

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